Products and Services


Products and Services

Thrillox has a wide range of products and services to cater to the varied requirements of our customers.

  • Thrillox, Turf & Park was established to feed this passion! The concept of night football is catching on with the new generation as they seek a post-work or post-studies entertainment to release their tensions.
  • The founders of Thrillox believe good quality sports infrastructure and training is the foundation for health of people.
  • For us at Thrillox, customer satisfaction is top priority!
  • Thrillox team consists of professionals dedicated towards customer support and ready to go the extra mile to achieve it.


We provide the best in class turf field in Malappuram. Five’s & Seven’s games can be played at a time. You or your team can book the ground on hourly basis to play a game of football or can host or participate in Tournaments & Leagues at the Turf ground.


Broast Shop

Enjoy a hearty meal at the Broast Shop at Thrillox when you come to watch or play a game of football. The Broasted chicken is just great with a perfect blend of the choicest herbs and spices!


Coffee & Juice Shop

Chill out at the Thrillox Coffee & Juice Shop with Coffee, cold pressed juice, homemade nut milks and other healthy food options that are made fresh daily in-house! We use 100% organic, fresh ingredients for our cold-pressed juices and smoothies.



Thrillox is meant to enjoy with the whole family! With a children’s play area for small kids and elder kids, children can play games and have fun here. As for the elders it’s just cool to sit and watch the children play!

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