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Thrillox - The latest venture by the KC One Group of Companies for the football lovers of Wandoor, Manjeri.

Football has always been the favourite game for the sports lovers of Malabar in Kerala. People from all walks of life have football as their passion & Thrillox, Turf & Park was established to feed this passion! The concept of night football is catching on with the new generation as they seek a post-work or post-studies entertainment to release their tensions. As a one-stop destination serving local customers as well as from other parts of Kerala, Thrillox is all set to become a top player in the Sports Ground sector

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The founders of Thrillox believe good quality sports infrastructure and training is the foundation for health of people. Thrillox was born out of this need to change the sports culture of people realizing the lack of access to sports facilities that schools, corporates, and individuals experience today.

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  • 11:00 AM To 12:00 PM
  • 06:00 AM To 12:00 PM

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lets footbal

football "Fives"

Five-a-side football is a variation of association football, in which each team fields five players (four outfield players and a goalkeeper). Other differences from football include a smaller pitch, smaller goals, a reduced game duration.

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lets footbal

football "sevens"

Seven-a-side football is a variation of association football, in which each team fields seven players

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